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Important people 1

Important people 1.


Important people 1

1. Harish Manwani– An MBA graduate from JBIMS and HBS has been appointed global CEO of Unilever, a British FMCG giant. He was also awarded Asia Business Leader of the year in 2008 by CNBC Asia.

2. Ajaypal Singh BangaР An alumnus of IIM-A, he is current president and CEO of Mastercard. He is also on the board of Kraft foods Inc.

3. Manvinder Singh Banga aka Vindy Banga, brother of Ajaypal is also an IIM-A alumnus and ex-CEO of Unilever India. He is now a senior partner withprivate equity firm Clayton Dubilier & Rice in London.

4. Rakesh Kapoor– British Consumer Giant Reckitt Benckiser has named its global marketing head Kapoor as its new CEO. Its a rare appointment of an Indian to the helm of a prominent European corporate name.

5. Sara Mathews– Born and brought up in India, she had completed a significant portion of education in India. She is presently Chairman and CEO of Dun and Bradstreet Corp., an NY based risk management company.

6. Sanjay Jha– He is present chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility.

7. Piyush Gupta– Earlier with Citigroup, Gupta has been appointed the new CEO of Singapore based DBS group, which is southeast Asia’s biggest lender.

8. Dr. Nirupam Bajpai– An economist at Earth Institute, USA has been conferred Padma Shree, last year. He has also worked on several issues associated with India’s poor.

9. Sir Parthasarthi Dasgupta– he is fellow of the royal society(FRS) and also the fellow of British Academy(FBA). GOI has set-up an expert group chaired by him to develop a roadmap for India to be able to report “green” national accounts by the year 2015, to strike a balance between rapid growth and conservation.

10. Anshu Jain- (Anshuman Jain) has been appointed as co-CEO of german Deutsche Bank. Delhi University is his alma mater.

11. Lt. Col. Satyendra Verma– He performed first BASE jumping in India when he jumped from the Pitampura television tower, from a height of 158 mts. BASE jumping is a free fall, where an experienced sky-diver jumps from a fixed object instead of a flying machine. BASE (Building, Antenna, Span (Bridges) and Earth (Cliff).

12. Kim Peter Davy aka Niels Holck aka Niels Christian Nielsen- He is prime accused in Purulia arms drop case. He is a danish citizen and GOI is trying to extradite him.

13. Kamala Harris– Indian-American is first woman to hold the office of Attorney-General of California and first Indian-American to hold the office of Attorney-General.

14. Madhav Sadashiv Gore– he was a former chancellor of JNU, a prominent sociologist and he was awarded Padma Bhushan. He died recently.

15. Hemchandra Patil and Rajendra Patil– two farmers from Jalgaon district in Maharashtra lectured at Harvard University on drip irrigation system.

16. Ujjwal Nikam– Criminal Lawyer and special government counsel in the 26/11 attacks case. He became only lawyer to represent India at an international conference when he spoke at UN in NY at Global convention on terrorism.

17.Manoranjan Mohanty– He is professor of political science at University of Delhi. He was awarded by Chinese Premier on his visit to promote Indo-Sino relationship.

18. Salmaan Taseer– Governor of Pakistani Punjab province was gunned down by his own security guard after his alleged visit to a christian woman Aasia Bibi, who was charged with blasphemy.

19. Ajit Gulabchand– He is the chairman of Hindustan Construction Company (HCC). HCC is building Lavasa, a private planned city near Pune mired in controversies due to several reasons.

20. Arun Mohanty– He has been awarded Pushkin gold medal, highest honorary award given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the promotion of Russian Language and Culture.

Changing Pattern

CSE has evolved over the years and now a days shift is evident towards selecting candidates having dynamic, open and receptive mindset. In near future traditional pattern of mains examination will undergo a metamorphosis and optionals will be dropped at the stage of mains exam too. So importance of GS will further increase. Question papers of last two years be it pre or mains clearly underline the emphasis on current affairs and wider perspectives associated with them. e.g. In the year 2010 , one question was on dispute between regulatory bodies such as SEBI and IRDA in Pub-Ad paper. Another was on Bhopal gas tragedy and judicial, administrative, business and political failings associated with it. So not only GS paper but in subject papers as well shift has happened. So major focus of preparation should now reel around news papers, current events etc. Analysis of issues is critically important. All the best to the aspirants.